Malmö yacht race

Malmö Yacht Race

Malmö, Sweden - yacht race 2010

In the summer of 2010 tripleO entered into a sponsorship deal with Andrew Taylor and his team for the J24 class World Championships.

As part of the deal, tripleO with its high performance nano-technology coating was applied to the boat.

With the yacht arriving in Malmö after a 900 mile journey, the benefits were immediately obvious; a quote from the skippers Twitter feed stated: “All measured and floating the nano-technology looks good no water / dirt hanging on our sides”.


The performance was as expected with the yacht giving a good account of herself and clearly benefiting from the nano-technology and its 39% reduction in drag.

Later in the year, with no further application and an inexperienced crew, the tripleO J24 was competing in the national championships in Falmouth where again she was tested and performed well. This time achieving a very prestigious first and three top 3 finishes in the heats.

Malmö Yacht race preparation images

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Day 1: In Dock Malmö Yacht Race Malmö Yacht Race  

Andy Taylor, skipper of Hitchiker states:

"We have been really impressed with the performance of tripleO since it was applied to our boat Hitchhiker in 2010. In lighter winds, when drag is a significant factor, we have been noticeably quicker and attribute tripleO with giving us that extra edge. The other great attribute has been that after over 4000 miles towing the boat over European motorways in the last 6 months we have never had to use a cover or re apply; tripleO has been superb, allows us to just wipe off the road muck and the boat is then ready to race, a great saving of time.

We would like to thank tripleO for their support and look forward to the 2011 sailing season when we will be racing the boat nationally and internationally, confident we have the most slippery hull!"