The Vulcan Bomber

With the Vulcan bomber being one of the most recognisable and loved aircraft ever made; it seemed only fitting that in the Autumn of 2010 tripleO applied its drag reducing high performance coating.

Ever spiralling costs make savings critical to keeping this much loved aircraft flying. The nano-technology fills the minute scratches and pores that are the cause of increased drag. This coating is a vital tool to reduce fuel consumption, especially with the ever increasing cost of fuel.

Combined with tripleO’s proven savings the nano-technology stops dirt and other debris attaching itself to the wings and body, this enables her to maintain a quality finish for longer.

Vulcan Bomber images

Just how big id this wing? Bringing it to a shine The width of the wing is impressive Vulcan Bomber
Vulcan Wing Buffing it back to condition Applying tripleO Vulcan Bomber