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revolutionary nano-technology coating
The new coating should make Easyjet's planes more fuel-efficient - Image courtesy
of the BBC

Easyjets planes are the first civilian aircraft to get the treatment
Easyjet's planes are the first civilian aircraft to get the treatment - Image courtesy of the BBC

Revolutionary nano-technology coating

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At 00.01 hours on Monday February 14th, 2011, international airline, easyJet released a video case study to the news channels in all of its European destinations, detailing the employment of a unique and specialist 'nano-technology' high performance cleaning and protective surface coating on its fleet, which not only brings bottom line benefits, but also reduces the carbon footprint of each of its planes.

Paul Booker, Managing Director at ooops!, which in 2007 was offered the opportunity to commercially market and distribute and apply the unique, high performance coating known as ‘tripleO’ in the UK, said: ”easyJet has announced the use of tripleO on its planes for a range of benefits, not least fuel savings and carbon footprint reduction. tripleO established thirty-years ago, has a twenty-year heritage as a surface protectant for the US military, but it has only recently been made commercially available. It was re-engineered in 2000 to incorporate innovative nano-technology into the solution to enhance its performance and ‘cross link and bond’ to any surface.”

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