tripleO - delivers maximum
operational and cost efficiency

tripleO delivers maximum operational and cost efficiency tripleO 3 Stages

In today's tough commercial environment, whether you own a fleet of aircraft, trucks, boats and helicopters or wind farms in exposed locations, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency is mission critical.

So tripleO enables you to:

  • Reduce 'drag' in the air, on the road or through the water; helping you reduce fuel consumption.
  • Remove and eliminate 'debris build up' on external surfaces - including contaminants from ice and dirt to sea water - again helping you reduce energy consumption.
  • Optimise your carbon footprint to meet your statutory environmental obligations.
  • Protect external and internal surfaces; increasing working life and return on your investment, while reducing cost of ownership.
  • Better clean and present exteriors and interiors; enhancing your livery, brand reputation and service levels.

tripleO is over 30 years old

Our unique tripleO solution is proven in some of the most challenging applications, for some of the world's most demanding organisations and industries.

At the turn of the millennium, tripleO was enhanced with nano-technology and has been proven by the U.S. Military to be so much more than an aircraft polish, protective coating or yacht varnish.

Quite simply, it is a high performance competitive advantage for your business.

Scientific fact - tripleO delivers bottom line benefits

tripleO - Nano-technology

The 'nano-technology' in tripleO is a polymer that enables this high performance solution to cross link and bond with the surface materials - such as paint work, bare metal, leading edges and even rivets - to which it is being applied.

tripleO contains hard, durable acrylic elements and creates a perfectly smooth finish, filling the 'pores' of a surface with a unique resin. This forms a barrier to prevent penetration by contaminants of the 'hills and valleys' of a surface our eyes cannot see.

Nano-technology: Defining the product

The key features:

  • Created for, and proven by, the US military. *
  • The only product in the global market with nano-technology.
  • Totally silicon and Teflon free.
  • Tough, durable and longer lasting than any other treatment, coating, wax or polish.
  • Anti-static, transparent, colour enhancing and spot and detergent resistant.
  • Protects and prolongs the life of a wide range of surfaces, from paint work and livery to bare metal and leading edges such as rotor blades.
  • Eliminates and reduces debris build up, including ice.
  • Inhibits ingress by a wide range of contaminants such as corrosion, dirt and sea water.

tripleO is proven to reduce your:

  • Fuel costs.
  • Carbon footprint.
  • Annual cleaning, maintenance and water usage costs.

The past, present and future of tripleO


This unique and specialist performance cleaning and protective surface coating was developed 30 years ago and at the beginning of the new millennium innovative 'nano-technology' was incorporated into the solution to greatly enhance its performance and, therefore, the cleaning, protection and cost efficiency properties it delivers.

For your complete peace of mind tripleO has been certified to AMS 1650B.

* tripleO is over thirty years old and since the enhancement of tripleO with nano-technology at the turn of the millennium it has been proven by the U.S. Military among others.