Paul Booker and his wife Tania established ooops.net limited on June 11th 2002 and having moved into their brand new premises on October 1st 2002 commenced trading on October 15th 2002 as specialists in the repair, painting, maintenance and 'detailing' of all types of transportation, exterior and interior.

In 2007, after scouring the world our highly experienced and expert team found an innovative nano-technology paint sealant that was being used by the US Military and Government and the dynamic team at ooops! named it tripleO protection system and sought to distribute and apply this unique, proven and high performance coating technology product to the automotive market.

In 2008 they moved on to the light aircraft market and coated their first Piper at Bournemouth Flying Club, this was followed with applications to Speed Boats and Jet Ski’s etc. Then in 2009 they applied tripleO to the first Executive Jet a Hawker at East Midlands Airport followed by a Royal Flight RJ/BAe 146 that was stationed at Stansted.

Due to the fuel savings achieved by the Hawker, tripleO changed the name from protection system to performance solution and in 2010 tripleO obtained the break they had worked so hard for and were rewarded with three easyJet aircraft, this trial led to an order for twenty more and tripleO is now applying tripleO to a number of Scheduled Airlines, Low-Cost Airlines and Charter Airlines.

Due to it’s inherent drag reducing capabilities and debris limiting credentials, tripleO is now seeking trials with Wind Farm and Solar Panel operators and manufacturers.