Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Make your green facilities greener still

tripleO has demonstrated its high performance credentials in a range of renewables applications, from solar panels to wind turbines. This innovative cleaning and protection solution virtually eliminates debris build up, from the accumulation of ice, bird droppings, acid rain and dirt picked up from the ground by rotor blades, to greatly enhance operational performance. Here's how...

Solar panels

Most solar panels fitted in the European market are not manufactured with self cleaning glass. As a result of this there can be a degradation in performance of up to 7% within the first 4 weeks. The application of tripleO will give you a return on your investment.

Stringent scientific testing of tripleO shows:

  • Debris build up is drastically reduced and protection equally increased.
  • Energy output is noticeably improved.
  • Less energy is taken from the grid, saving money and enhancing environmental impact.
  • These benefits are long lasting.

Wind turbines

The remote locations of onshore and offshore wind turbines leaves them open to the elements and the vagaries of the atmosphere. The application of tripleO's unique cleaning and protection solution delivers:

  • Greatly reduced friction and debris build up and improved lift, to improve efficiency, electricity generation and environmental impact.
  • More site opportunities because of less wind speed being needed.
  • Long lasting and cost effective protection of blades, stanchions and ancillary equipment from a number of contaminants such as water (including sea water), ice, pollutants, dirt, insects and bird droppings.
  • Maximised return on investment and minimised cost of ownership, such as reduced maintenance costs.

Resourced to meet your needs

We have, or are developing, a range of H&S Executive approved application methodologies, so that tripleO can be applied in-situ, on the ground or factory fitted prior to component assembly.

Our highly professional service teams are all fully trained and certified. Due to the 'aerial' nature of wind turbine application, many come from UK ex-special forces who are comfortable working at height.