High performance protection against Mother Nature

The elements are harsh and take a toll on any water-borne craft, from powerboats and racing yachts to pleasure cruisers. The method or materials of their construction are almost irrelevant: water - especially salt water, the sun, wind and ice were traditionally difficult to protect your investment against.

Until the advent of tripleO that is

More than any other yacht varnishes or protective coatings, tripleO delivers tangible protection, maintenance and operational efficiencies whether you have one vessel or a fleet.

Extensive scientific trials have proven that our innovative solution can save you money, time and inconvenience. In short, tripleO:

  • Helps to minimise drag through the water, reducing fuel usage.
  • Virtually eliminates debris build up on all primary areas, from sticky things on bottom of boat to ice, again reducing fuel consumption.
  • Greatly enhances the life, appearance and clarity of your livery and paint finishes.
  • Reduces the ingress of water, especially sea water which inhibits corrosion.
  • Improves the environmental impact of every vessel.

Keeping you in the water longer

tripleO is much more effective and longer lasting than any other protective resistant coating. This means that your vessels can spend less time out of the water and more time in it, whether that's for your business or your pleasure.

Take the power of tripleO inside your vessels

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