Interior solutions

Interior Solutions

Why replace when for a fraction of the price you can protect

We have a wide range of invisible aircraft interior cleaning, repair, refurbishment, maintenance and protection services available using tripleO and our S.M.A.R.T. (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) innovations.

We can enhance the look, feel and working life of your seats and trim (leather, vinyl and cloth), panels, veneer and carpets.

The robust protection of tripleO defends your interiors against most common threats such as ink, chewing gum, food, drink, scuffs, scratches, humidity, ultra violet (UV) light, chemical cleaners, solvents and temperature changes.

Restoring the luxury of your leather

Our advanced S.M.A.R.T. coating technologies have been specifically designed and manufactured to keep your leather interior fittings and finishes looking and feeling as they should.

Using innovative techniques to apply our leather treatment, we can measure and match the colour, gloss and texture of your leather to deliver a refurbishment that is GUARANTEED.

As this solution uses compliant waterborne technology it is also more friendly to the environment than other systems.

tripleO passes the toughest test of all..value

We can totally repair or refurbish your interior fixtures, fittings and finishes at a fraction of the price of replacing them and all our work is GUARANTEED.

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