Making your business look good on paper...
and many other kinds of surface

Imagine feeling trust when you leave your executive jet or your luxury yacht in someone else's care – at tripleO this is our No. 1 goal. Service is not what we do; it's the way we do it.

Our dedicated application specialists are passionate about bringing your “pride and joy” back to “as new” condition. Your pride and joy is ours; we are a spa for your asset, our legendary attention to detail ensures that your “pride and joy” is rejuvenated.

We also have a passion for the restoration of your vintage car – it just feels great when after days of hard and meticulous work, these old treasures glisten in their original splendour.

Paul Booker set up the company in 2002 – and pursued his long standing dream. After 26 years in Corporate Life, latterly with Volkswagen, he saw a chance to bring his rich client focused experience into his own car body repair business. The husband of Tania and father of four sees himself as a member of the team, always hands-on where there is work to do and clients to serve.

Skills and qualifications are a pre-requisite for the tripleO team. Everyone has Human Factors and is a qualified Aircraft Technician or Painter. Our whole team is Security Checked for peace of mind. We have a thorough induction that involves not only the technical aspects but also client relationship management.

To ensure that your asset is looked after with the utmost care the tripleO team are on a quality bonus pay scheme, targeting ten things every month that will ensure you and your asset get the best service possible.

As we achieve each target we move on to new targets so we enjoy an ever increasing standard of quality and care.

Why tripleO?

Simple, this unique solution is applied in a three-part process:

  • Stage 1: Clean surfaces.
  • Stage 2: Polarising Aircraft. A cationic surfactant is applied to produce a positive charge to the surface of the aircraft.
  • Stage 3: Application of anionic Nano-Technology Emulsion
    A negatively charged anionic surfactant emulsion is applied to cross link and bond to the surface.